October 27th, 2011
06:49 PM ET

Tonight on AC360: The fate of the surviving exotic animals in Ohio

Editor's note:  At 8 p.m. ET, Anderson will talk to Jack Hanna about the best options for the surviving animals.

(CNN) - The widow of a man who set free 56 exotic animals he owned before apparently committing suicide will not get back the six that survived any time soon, a spokesman for the governor of Ohio said Thursday.

"Today, the Ohio Department of Agriculture issued a quarantine order" on the animals, said Robert Nichols, press secretary for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Nichols noted that it has been widely reported that the animals were malnourished and could be diseased, and said they might pose a public health threat.

Marian Thompson - whose husband, Terry, released lions, tigers, leopards, grizzly bears and other animals from his preserve near Zanesville, Ohio, last week - has a right to appeal the order, which is indefinite in length, Nichols said. If she does so, she would be granted a hearing within 30 days.


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  1. Arik fetscher

    On the similarities between releasing animal spirits and wall street. You can't blame anyone when the biggest guy walks in and claims the prettiest girl as his if no one has the right to say differently. That was an unregulated wall street and what was asked of many there at the time. Those who said something got beat on by both sides and told to just let it be. There is nothing wrong with releasing the animal spirits as long as the girl has a say in the matter and there are some rules which govern all of our actions. As one of the little guys who would at least like a chance at the American dream I think it's time to claim the center and let facts and merit speak for themselves that's the way this country is supposed to work anyway and if progress and opportunity are civil rights issues then it's about time they were recognized as such and not hidden in the closet for only a select few who have a special in. So how's that for a weave with exotic animals and economics sure should should take them home if she wants no ambiguity there.

    October 27, 2011 at 8:43 pm |