October 11th, 2011
08:33 PM ET

Letters to the President: #995 'Hidden clues'

Reporter's Note: The Republicans are debating again, and I’m writing again.

Dear Mr. President,

First: Sorry about your Bears last night. Detroit was just unstoppable; the Lions put Jay Cutler on his back more than a lightweight boxer against a heavyweight challenger. It was almost painful to watch.

Second: Well, the Republicans are debating again tonight. Are you going to watch? I often wonder about such things. I mean, sure you’re busy doing all that presidential stuff, but you must be curious about how your opponent will do in the next phase of this contest, and there is nothing like studying the old game film to gain some insights.

I remember once reading an article about middle linebackers, and how they can be not merely the field generals of a defense, but also the brains of the whole operation. In this particular story, a particular middle linebacker was noted for his eye for detail. For example, he’d noticed that when the ball was going to be run to the left, a forearm muscle on one of the guard’s would start twitching before the snap.

In other cases, there are defenders who have noted the way an opposing player lines up, or the speed with which he leaves the huddle, or maybe even whether he is licking his lips; all subtle clues about the action yet to come.

I’m not sure that you can pick up such hints by watching these debates, (to be honest, sometimes I wonder if debates are really that useful at all) but if I were you, I’d sure be eyeballing them with a defensive mind’s eye.

Anyway, if you feel like calling, that’s ok, but please wait until the debate is over. Hey, you may not have to watch, but I do.


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