October 5th, 2011
08:04 PM ET

Letters to the President: #989 'Underdog? Hardly!'

Reporter's Note: The president was interviewed on ABC and said he is the underdog in this presidential race.  I say…read my letter.
Dear Mr. President,

Shrewd move on that “underdog” interview! When George Stephanopoulos lobbed that softball your way, I immediately imagined that you would smash it right out of the park, and you did not disappoint.

And to be honest, what campaigner of any sort would turn aside such a gift?

Americans, as we have noted sooooo many times, just love underdogs. We adore the idea of the little guy struggling against much bigger powers; David taking on Goliath; and when anyone can tap into that, it is pure gold.

It is also, let’s admit in your case, pure nonsense. Come on, you are President of the United States! You have more political clout than anyone else on the planet. You have the Democratic Party, one of the nation’s longest standing, great political powers, lined up behind you for re-election. You’ve already raised more money than some small countries see in a year, and the cash dash is just beginning.

If that’s an underdog, than sign me up. Heck, sign us all up, because I think almost every living soul in the country would love to be in that dog house.

Do you have problems? Well, sure. Your approval rating is awful, you’re chained to an unemployment rate that reeks, and you have to look at Axelrod’s comb-over every day. But none of that makes you an underdog.

Still, like I said, I understand why you happily laid claim to the title when given a chance, and if people want to buy into it with you, well…the best of luck to you and them selling it to others.

I do offer this caution, however; When the top dog starts calling himself an underdog, he runs a risk of convincing people that it is true…and as much as we may like underdogs, we don’t always keep them in the house, if you get my point.

Hope all is well. Nice six mile run this morning. Going for nine tomorrow and twenty on Saturday. You’re welcome to come along. Just give a buzz.



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