August 31st, 2011
06:59 PM ET

Letters to the President: #954 'See you next week? Uh...maybe'

Reporter's Note: President Obama wants to talk to Congress, and oddly enough, at least part of Congress seems a little hesitant. Here is today’s letter to the White House…ready or not.

Dear Mr. President,

I am a tad surprised to hear that Congressional Republicans are balking at your request to make a speech to them next week on the day of your choosing, and are pushing you to take the next day instead.

I suppose I should not be startled. Whether it is out of pure politics or heartfelt opposition, they seem to oppose everything you try to do these days, so I don’t see why scheduling an appointment would be any different. I saw a funny headline the other day (I think it was in The Onion) that said something like, “President Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition.” Ha!

But like I said, that is the way of the world these days. It seems as if both parties are so hell bent on refusing to let the other gain any kind of edge, sometimes it leads to what…at least from a distance…looks like pointless niggling.

I can just imagine how upset DC would be if any normal citizens tried such a measure.

“Hey, Tom, I’m back from my vacation, the hurricane has passed, and I could eat a whole side of beef! How about we grab a burger next Monday?”

“Monday? Hmmmm. Not sure I can make that work.”

“Do you have other plans?”

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager is on, and you know Amy and her pals are going to that party by the lake!”

“You’re going to miss dinner with me for a TV show?”

“Well, Adrian might show up and try to steal back Ricky! I mean, everyone knows that whole ‘Omar’ thing is just a fling.”


“And you know security with you is always an issue.”

“O.k. Well, maybe next time.”

Anyway, I hope you sort it out with the Congressional crowd. After all, I don’t give DC much hope on agreeing about anything these days, but you would not think the calendar would be an issue!



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  1. Carmen Brown

    I cannot believe the Speaker of the House has asked our President of the US such a thing. In my opinion the President has been disrespected enough, this is just another time for his so called colleagues to disrespect the office of the President. I feel sorry for him. He has been blamed for everything. People seem to forget he came into office with his back against the wall. No time in whole life have I seen so many mean, contemptable, disrespectful, unwilling to comprise adults in my life or should I say children...There is no such thing as kindness, and diplomacy...Thanks for letting me vent. Also love CNN your grreeeeat!

    August 31, 2011 at 8:01 pm |