August 27th, 2011
07:22 PM ET

Letters to the President #950 'The feast of the storm'

Reporter's Note: The president continue watching the big storm system off the coast; just as I am sure he keeps watching for my daily letter to the Oval Office.

Dear Mr. President,

Here is a strange byproduct of big storms: They make me hungry.

Eight years ago when the last big hurricane swept over D.C. we lost electricity in our neighborhood. Which is no surprise. Our power company struggles with keeping the lights on any day that the wind blows, the humidity rises, or Elton John plays on a soft rock radio station. Seriously, they are awful.

We were plunged into darkness, with the humidity and heat in the storm’s wake rapidly rising. It was amusing for the first twenty minutes. Then annoying. Then it became uncomfortable.

The phone rang. Some friends from down the block. “Hey, we drove out to the beach in Delaware. We found a hotel with power and air-conditioning. The sun is shining. The water is fantastic. The kids won’t have school until the power is back on. Why don’t you come out?”

So we loaded everything we had in our rapidly warming freezer into an ice chest, along with all the dripping cubes we could assemble, and drove out to spend the next few days building sand castles, reclining in the sun, and eating like kings. Steaks, frozen lobster tails, shrimp, fish filets; all of the best treats we had been saving for special occasions went onto the grill in the hotel courtyard. Every meal was an absolute feast.

When we had consumed it all, and enjoyed as much of our impromptu holiday as we could stand, we checked out, packed up and drove home. And in a weird bit of kismet, about an hour and a half before we hit the driveway, the power came back on.

So forgive me if I keep looking into the freezer as we wait to see precisely what is going to happen with all this, but I have an eye on some Cajun burger patties in the back which will be the first thing pulled out if the power once again goes south.



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August 27th, 2011
01:22 AM ET

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