August 24th, 2011
09:37 PM ET

Cooper: Hurricane rarity

Editor's note: In preparation for Hurricane Irene, a look at what happens when a hurricane makes a rare stop in the northeast.

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  1. Liz

    Hurricane IreneState of Emergency!So treat it like the possible devastion and mand evav it is.We've had 3+days to prep.Nobody,not even USgovt couldn't clear airports of all the people who weren't told to get out Arrange travel maybe from Military for rides to the airport to have a flight arrange for the people who need and sometimes can't get out.Look Im is CA, i wont witness the storm but those are Americans, and mass causalty, is something else.In another 3 days a concert to benefit the families of those we lost.How about we care during the prep when its brace for the worst and hope for the best.Thebest is life I guess. With all the planning and back and forth govt does nobody can coordinate that? Alls im saying how about caring about American Lives and the effect it has on us all!! nobodycovers hurricane coverage like A.C, by the way

    August 26, 2011 at 6:40 am |
  2. Ginny

    Why is it that the state of VA doesn't exist? Even with the earthquake in VA we heard about damage in DC and NY, not much about VA. With Irene coming there is no real talk of how VA will be effected. NC and NY but not much about VA. There is a state between DC and NC believe it or not.

    August 25, 2011 at 8:09 pm |