July 26th, 2011
01:38 AM ET

Letters to the President: #918 'Songs to make deals by'

Reporter's Note: President Obama keeps updating the nation on the debt ceiling talks, which I appreciate…although I must say it seems a little pointless at the moment.

Dear Mr. President,

I’m sitting in my office listening to an old Jackson Browne song on Pandora as I write this, and just at the edge of my desk is one of those digital picture frames scrolling great pics of my family. So I’m feeling pretty mellowed out, which is something I suspect most of us could use more of in D.C. these days.

Which made me start thinking: Why are your political pals, Dems and Repubs alike, having such a hard time getting along in these debt ceiling talks? Maybe it’s because you don’t have the right playlist! Perhaps if you had the right lineup of tunes on the old Oval Office stereo you could get them in the mood for making a deal.

So here are a few suggestions.

1 Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems – Notorious B.I.G. Upbeat. Fun. And deliciously to the point. Get the gang into the groove right from the get go.
2 Funhouse – Pink. “This used to be a funhouse, but now it’s full of evil clowns.” Enough said, huh? Let everyone get the anger out for a bit, then work them into a better frame of mind.
3 We’re Going To Be Friends – White Stripes. Yes, it’s been a tad overdone in the past few years, but it’s a fair bet half the people in Congress have never even heard it. Fun. Friendly. Oh yeah, that’s what you need.
4 Let’s Stay Together – Al Green. You can’t go wrong with this. When the rev starts working it out, everyone starts coming in. I can already see John Boehner and Harry Reid breaking into a little free lance karaoke, and a deal can’t be far behind.
5 Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones. Give the older crew something to connect with, and the irony won’t be lost. Plus, it will let them feel young and tough even as they capitulate.
6 Forget You – Cee Lo Green. Again: it’s a happy song with a bit of a double entendre that won’t be lost on the frustrated negotiators.
7 Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper. Actually, this was first done by The Brains, so that’s a little extra joke to lighten up the crowd.
8 We Just Disagree – Dave Mason. Sure, it’s way back in the vaults, but it seems so appropriate.

It’s just a start, but I’m sure you can add more. And just imagine how much better everyone will feel when they sit down to talk? Hey, at least they can’t feel worse. Ha!

Let me know how it works.


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  1. Reece S

    This has gone to far. The pollicitions, anymore who do you trust. USA credit rating could go up. The powers to be will make no mater what happens. The americian people and our children are going to struggle over the next 100 years.

    Why don't they work togeather in stead of against each other. They are not thinking of the americian people. All I can do is pray for our gov,

    July 26, 2011 at 4:20 pm |