July 24th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President: #916 'Pray for Norway'

Reporter's Note: World leaders are expressing their sympathies in the wake of the terrible bombing and shooting attack in Norway. So am I.

Dear Mr. President,

Well, what can I say...what can anyone say about all the horrors visited on our friends in Norway? The idea that one deeply troubled person might bring such devastation to a generous and peaceful nation is sad beyond belief, and yet these things happen.

I wish they did not, but they do.

It is always good, of course, to reexamine our own security and the measures we might take to prevent a similar calamity. However, I'm pretty certain that no matter what we - or any nation - does to protect the populace, this sort of thing will always be with us. Dangerous people driven by ideology, mental illness, or a toxic stew of both, will appear from time to time, spreading destruction in their wake.

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Sure, we can probably improve our ability to react. We can get better at identifying such people and diagnosing their problems. We can make it harder for these folks to get the access and/or weapons they need.

All of that can reduce the odds of these attacks, although we can never eliminate them entirely.

This we can do: We can rally to the side of our friends here and abroad when terrible events like this unfold. We can reinforce the worldwide sense that all people of good nature and faith must stand together against those who would hurt us. Terrorists - acting alone or in concert; from within or without; no matter their faith, race, or creed - are the enemies of humankind. And the family of man must be undivided in condemning their hatred.

I'm sure we will pray for the people of Norway in our church this weekend. I hope you do in yours as well.


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