July 21st, 2011
01:56 AM ET

Letters to the President: #913 'Do-over!'

Reporter's Note: The president is still working on a debt deal. I suspect his hopes of success are sinking lower by the day.

Dear Mr. President,

Remember when we were kids and something went dreadfully, completely, and utterly wrong in the course of a game? You tried to punt and missed the ball altogether, or went to jump over the hurdle and instead fell into it, or you took a mighty swing and instead of hitting the ball sent the bat boomeranging into the outfield. As children we had a solution: “Do-over!” Yelled quickly and with enough conviction those words told everyone in earshot that whatever had just happened was going to be expunged from the record books. It would be as if it never happened. And usually, despite a little grumbling, that is what took place.

Kid logic went like this: Hey, everyone makes mistakes. It is one thing to strike out, or miss a shot, or lose the race, but we can’t base any kind of legitimate result on something that is just ridiculous.

This is what you need in DC right now on this debt thing. You need to summon the big Dems and Repubs to the White House this instant, wake up Vice President Biden, and declare a “do-over” on the whole process. I mean, seriously, you are all desperately trying to find a way out of this mess and I think you’ve all tangled yourselves up so much you wouldn’t know a workable compromise if it chased House Speaker John Boehner around the Rose Garden with a butterfly net.

A “do-over” would give all of you the cover you need to go back to the table, re-engage without all the baggage, and maybe…just maybe…actually get a deal done before the sky starts falling.

Call if you can.


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