July 19th, 2011
06:30 PM ET

Letters to the President: #911 'A deal?'

Reporter's Note: The process of producing a deal on this whole debt ceiling mess continues unabated here in DC - as does my campaign to send a letter every single day to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

I hesitate to say congratulations amid all this kerfuffle over the so called “Gang of Six” deficit reduction plan, only because I know how quickly things that are seemingly “done” in Washington can become “undone.” Kind of like when you pull a pan of brownies out of the oven to cool only to find that they are all gooey in the middle. Although, to be honest, I kind of like them that way…but I digress.

My point is I realize that having the recipe for a solution is not the same as having the finished dish on the table ready to serve, especially not in D.C.

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Still, to continue the analogy, the kitchen has been stone cold for days on this issue, so even the faint aroma of an agreement cooking is intriguing. Of course all of us on the outside are seeing only general notions of what may be in this deal, but it looks like a mix of what your party needs, what the Republicans need, and in the end the kind of arrangement that will make people on the far left and far right unhappy. Equally unhappy? That, we don’t know.

But unless I’m mistaken, that is not really the prime concern any more. My sense of this whole mess is that it has slowly and steadily grown so far out of control for all of you who actually need to produce a deal, that most of you will be happy just to grind out a face-saving agreement that, with luck, might also produce a little real progress on the problem of the deficit.

Hey, I realize it may not be what anyone really wants, but as the Rolling Stones said, sometimes you get what you need.

Call if you get a moment. I went on an eight mile run this morning and about baked my brain. Jeesh, it’s hot out there!


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