July 17th, 2011
05:32 PM ET

Letters to the President: #909 'Welcome to Tom-sylvania'

Reporter's Note: President Obama indicates he is about fed up with all the wrangling over the debt ceiling. Me too, but I have an idea how to get out of it.

Dear Mr. President,

So part of California wants to break off and become a new state? I suspect it’s just a bad reaction to that whole “Carmageddon,” freeway construction project, but I can’t blame them. I’m about ready to form my own state, too.

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Simply put, I’m tired of people arguing about everything. I’m exhausted by people on both sides of the political spectrum raising ridiculous accusations against each other, and reacting to any suggestion of compromise as if they’ve had an angry badger thrown at their heads.

I’m tired of “activists” of all stripes. I’m sure they mean well, but I just need a break. So no, I won’t sign your petition. I won’t give you money. You’ll have to save the world without me this weekend. Sorry, Batman.

I’m tired of hurt feelings. Sometimes things won’t go my way. Sometimes they won’t go yours. Get used to it, and don’t whine.

I’m tired of everyone acting as if everything is the end of the world. Here is what I bet: No matter what Washington does or does not do today, I will probably not lose my house, be blown up by terrorists, ingest poison meat, be mowed down by a crazed trucker, descend into madness, be abducted by a cult, or be driven to despair over the presence of performance enhancing drugs in sports. Inform me. Don’t alarm me. (This, btw, goes double for all my pals in the media.)

Harrumph. Ok. I feel better. I will not launch a campaign for my own state this weekend. But if all these shenanigans keep going, trust me…

Call if you can.


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