July 16th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President: #908 'Carpe debt!'

Reporter's Note: President Obama wants a deal on the debt. Which reminds me: I think I want a popsicle tonight…yeah, that would be good…

Dear Mr. President,

Alright, I’ve heard your most recent demands for a deal on the table over this deficit mess, and I’m completely with you. This whole “seize the day” approach is something I’m in favor of most weeks, but especially at times like this when delay is potentially very costly.

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But how do you make people get down to business when they don’t want to?

I have some suggestions.

1) Write down what you want, walk into the room, and say “I hope no one dozed off while I was making copies. Ok, here’s the deal we all agreed on. Thanks for coming!”
2) Declare that you will veto all resolutions honoring Peach Queens, Little League teams, and 4-H Clubs until this matter is settled.
3) Offer to make Biden swim the river in a duck suit if you can get a positive vote by noon Saturday.
4) Say, “Look gang, we’ve got to be out of here by mid-afternoon, because Mitt Romney wants to come through with the decorators.”
5) Explain that you’re getting a really bad headache.

I’m not sure any of these will necessarily produce a result. But then…nothing has so far, so why not give it a shot?

Otherwise, I hope your weekend is decent. The weather has been so ridiculously nice!
If you feel like a bike ride, give me a shout. I’m around.


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