July 2nd, 2011
03:34 PM ET

Letters to the President: #894 'Counting down to the Fourth'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is presumably cleaning the grill out in the Rose Garden in preparation for the 4th of July. I mean, of course, when he’s not reading my daily letter.

Dear Mr. President,

So here we go into another Fourth of July weekend. I’ve always enjoyed this holiday and expect I will once again this time around - which reminds me that I need to put up our red, white and blue bunting on the porch later today. My wife ordered it online a few years back and we had our doubts about the quality, but when it arrived it was really decent material, bright colors, with heavy duty construction. I suspect it was made in China. Ha!

We hang an American flag outside our door for this holiday every year, and frankly we have one out there many other days as well; except when have our seasonal flag up for the New Orleans Saints, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Mardi Gras, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and on and on it goes. Hmm. It never really occurred to me until this moment, but we have a lot of flags. I wonder where my wife keeps them all? I have not noticed a particular flag closet anywhere.

Back to this holiday. Most people I know refer to it as the Fourth of July, and I generally see the words “Independence Day” only in advertisements. Which is a shame, because independence is really what it is all about.