June 27th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Video: Who is Rep. Michele Bachmann?

Editor's note: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a Tea Party favorite and now a GOP presidential candidate. CNN's Joe Johns reports.

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  1. kenneth

    2 things 1st to me the budget.it's like this it's the republicans way or the highway. 2nd michele bachmann better start getting her people to check her speeches before she go's on t.v..she said on t.v. at the republican debatethat she if elected president she will get rid of obamacare,and you can take to the bank and cash the check.wel michele bachmann i dont have all the school smarts you are suppose to have so you will have to show me and the rest of america just how you will do that!will you do it in year one of your term,year2,year 3.or if by chance you would get reelected would it have to take you year5,year6,year7,or year8?.why dont you and those others how think as you do and take say 20% or 30% cut in your pay .no more freebees,pay for your and your familys own health care.we the older people have all ready paid our dues for ss and medical care.what you need is a butcher who will not trim the fat but gut all the waste from the top to the bottom.the governor of i think either va or wva not not only got them out of the red but is making money you people should be talkig to him for help.everyday

    June 27, 2011 at 10:12 pm |