June 27th, 2011
07:51 PM ET

Letters to the President: #889 'Raspberries!'

Reporter's Note: President Obama’s wife has talked up the need for a natural, healthy diet. I have part of the solution; a small part, but still…

Dear Mr. President,

I don’t care how busy your week may be, or which world leaders are waiting on your call, or even what sort of trouble Biden has gotten himself into. You have to get out into the Maryland countryside sometime over the next few days to enjoy some wild raspberries. Sure, this is hardly a matter of great political importance, but it is important nonetheless.

My wife noticed the first cluster during a bike ride Sunday. We pulled to the roadside, plucked a few, and it was heaven on a briar bush, I must say. Unbelievably sweet and tangy all at once. (Like a girlfriend I had in college. Ha!) I’m not a wild “it has to be organic” kind of shopper, but I have noticed over the years that a lot of flavor has been bred out of apples, pears, peaches and the like in favor of shinier, more uniform fruits that sell better. And all it takes to remind me of this sad phenomenon is a quick taste of any fruit, berry, or vegetable that has escaped the process.

I went on a ten mile run Sunday afternoon and stumbled into several berry patches, stopping each time just to taste a few. Magnificent.

Sometimes people who call themselves environmentalists, it seems to me, get so caught up in complaining about what people do to the environment, they forget to enjoy moments like these - when we can interact with the natural world around us in a most natural, wholesome, and delicious way. The thing is, environmentalism, I think, is at its strongest when it points out how we are a part of the natural world…not interlopers.

So, like I said, make some time to go berry picking. Get your staff to scope out a good patch up along the Potomac, have your driver drop you by the side of the road, and enjoy a few minutes away from D.C. madness. You’ll be glad you did.

And call if you can.


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