June 23rd, 2011
06:00 PM ET

Cindy Anthony: I searched for chloroform on computer

(CNN) - Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony, testified Thursday that she, not her daughter, conducted Internet searches for key words including chloroform and alcohol on the Anthony family computer in March 2008.

Cindy Anthony told jurors in her daughter's capital murder trial that she conducted the searches because she was trying to figure out what was making one of her Yorkie dogs "extremely tired all the time." Both the dogs ate bamboo plants in the backyard, she testified, so she started searching for chlorophyll to see if the plants were causing the dog's exhaustion.

A bacteria associated with chlorophyll production comes from different plants, she said, and some species of algae and seaweed produce natural chloroform, so the search led her from chlorophyll to chloroform.

She also was searching for other chemicals, including alcohol, she told defense attorney Jose Baez, because of a recent scare regarding hand sanitizers around small children. And she searched on some injuries, she said, because a friend of hers had recently been in a car accident and suffered head and chest injuries. She was, she said, "looking up specific terminology that someone had asked me to look up."

In a testy cross-examination, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick noted that Cindy Anthony's work schedule showed she was working the days the searches were conducted, March 17 and 21, 2008. The witness said it was possible she could have been home, saying she went home early a couple of days that week.

"Were you or weren't you?" Burdick asked.

"The only thing that triggers that day for me is those computer entries," Cindy Anthony told the Orlando courtroom. "It was not a traumatic day for me like the last three years, so I can't tell you what time I went home."

Casey Anthony, 25, is charged with seven counts in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008, including first-degree murder. If convicted, she could face the death penalty.

Prosecutors allege Casey Anthony used chloroform to render her daughter unconscious, then used duct tape to cover her nose and mouth, suffocating her. Caylee's remains, prosecutors allege, were then put into Casey Anthony's car trunk and eventually disposed of. The girl's skeletal remains were found in a wooded field on December 11, 2008, nearly six months after her family last reported having seen the child.

Defense attorneys say Caylee was not murdered, but that she accidentally drowned in the family pool on June 16, 2008, the day she was last reported to have been seen. They argue that Anthony and her father, George Anthony, panicked and covered up the death. George Anthony has rejected that scenario in his testimony.

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  1. GGard

    If my dogs were eating bamboo, I (anyone) would Google “bamboo and pets” or “Is bamboo toxic” or “bamboo’s effects.” Googling “chlorophyll” makes no sense. In elementary, junior high, high school, college, and nursing school you are taught chlorophyll is in all green plants. A nurse would know that. Therefore, googling “chlorophyll” would be like googling “plant” or “green” – no one would expect those to explain the effect of bamboo on dogs.

    June 24, 2011 at 1:49 am |
  2. shirley

    i feel casey is guilty because no normal mother would go out and enjoy herself with friends while their child is missing. she needs real help...

    June 23, 2011 at 10:43 pm |
  3. Sherry

    What a bunch of Hoopla. Cindy is a nurse. I am a nurse. And I believe there was some mention of Chloroform, alcohol, Peroxide and so on in my classes. Who is she trying to fool ?? And note, how she remembers everything about what she read when she went to those sites from three years ago. I bet it is almost word for word what she said she found out. And seriously...her doggie being sleepy led her to these searches...to do a search on Chorophill from plants...and gee...while I am at it I am gonig to look up Chloroform but wait...in eight seconds here and maybe a minute there I am going to go to stand up so Casey can have the computer chair so she can access her Photo Bucket here and her My Space there, are the two playing duck ,duck goose with the computer chair...She is lying so badly. I hope the prosecution can read my thoughts here and run away with it before she gets away with perjuring herself and giving this trail a bad eye just like the O.J. 's trail did to the justice system

    June 23, 2011 at 9:07 pm |