Gay marriage battle rages as N.Y. senators debate taxes and rent
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum joined protesters at New York's state capitol in favor of a bill to legalize same sex marriage on Monday.
June 21st, 2011
06:15 PM ET

Gay marriage battle rages as N.Y. senators debate taxes and rent

New York (CNN) - A day after state lawmakers were due to head home, a pair of controversial issues seem to stubbornly postpone their summer recess.

The first is something that many call a quintessential New York battle: Whether to enact the first statewide cap on property taxes. The cap is linked to the extension of rent control laws that apply to roughly 1 million apartments, most of them in New York City.

The second is the subject of national debate: Should New York become the sixth state in the union to adopt same-sex marriage laws?

Monday was technically the last official day of the legislative session, but the votes are still pending.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said lawmakers had reached a "framework for an agreement" on the rent and tax issues, but acknowledged that same-same sex marriage was not a part of those deliberations.

The Senate has struggled to bring to the floor a bill that would legalize the unions, but separate talks continued Tuesday, according to a spokesman for Skelos.

A vote on the measure, which the state Assembly passed Wednesday night, has been stalled in part by Republican concerns over protections for religious institutions against the potential for litigation in the wake of the proposed law.

Republicans, led by Skelos, have expressed concerns over the "unintended consequences" of a bill that redefines the legal parameters of marriage.

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  1. Gretchen

    Anderson,all presidents are politicians.stop calling president Obama a hypocrite,I think that he has his beliefs,but he said he supports their civil rights and for gay rights across the board.People don't have to be in total belief of something to support it.faith ,religion also dictate points of view.But I think that this president has been more supportive than any president in regards to Gay rights.Anderson,president Obama is a good man but in order to get anything done in politics which is changingi the law,you have to be in office with enough votes,to change these laws,president Obama has been working quite hard on so many issues that plague this country and problems around the world,killing bin laden,wars ,disasters in this country and around the world,trying to intervene in lybia,,trying to seek improvement on the economy,etc To say he is a hypocrite is so insulting ,what president has done more for the gay popoulation? This whole entire country is going through difficulties,not just the gay population and whether or not gays can marry.I think everyone has the right to be happy,to be free,and to have full civil rights.But this "beat-down of our president is to much.Allow time for all healing,whether it's the economy,or war,or natural disasters,and yes even gay marriage.I remember when my brother was laying in his death bed dying of aids in 1989 I wished that people would not treat people with aids so badly,I wish that when aids hit america that the president at the time who was ronald reagan would have at least spoke the word aids,but he didnt.Now look what has happened,even when we want things to change,I have realized that all things take time,.

    June 21, 2011 at 10:31 pm |