May 20th, 2011
08:50 AM ET

Tick tock goes the doomsday clock

(CNN) – For months they’ve been spreading the word, answering the biblical call of Ezekiel 33 to sound the alarm and warn the people.

Their message, which they say the Bible guarantees, is simple: The end of the world is near.

And now, it’s suddenly really near – so near that if these folks are right, you should probably pass on buying green bananas.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, what with the billboards and signs dotting the landscape, the pamphlets blowing in the wind and the RVs plastered with Judgment Day warnings weaving through cities. Or maybe, as the birds chirped outside and you sipped your morning coffee, a full-page newspaper ad for the upcoming mass destruction caught your eye.

May 21, 2011, according to loyal listeners of Family Radio, a Christian broadcasting network based in Oakland, California, will mark the Day of Rapture and the start of Judgment Day (which, they say, will last five months). Those who are saved will be taken up to heaven, and those who aren’t will endure unspeakable suffering. Dead bodies will be strewn about as earthquakes ravage the Earth, they say. And come October 21, they’ll tell you, the entire world will be kaput.

It’s the kind of belief that riles up churchgoers who insist no one can know when Judgment Day will come, and the sort that many say does a disservice to Christianity. And it’s the kind of message that delights the types who are planning tongue-in-cheek End of the World parties and are responding to a Facebook invitation to attend a post-rapture looting. Rapture events, including one at a tiki bar in Fort Lauderdale, are being hosted by American Atheists. News outlets, comedians and even Doonesbury can’t seem to resist a good end-of-the-world prophecy.

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  1. aka1BL

    If this man actually believes that it is true that the world will end tomorrow then to act in any other way than to warn the world would be illogical. I personally do not believe it because scripture says no one knows the day except God the Father but a person needs to be faithful to what he believes the Lord is showing him. I will not stand accountable for his life and choices he will and at the throne of God is amazing grace for all of us. In the meantime it reminds me of the times when someone I know and love has died. There is all of a sudden a real sense of our mortality. Death becomes front and center in our conscious. In these moments birth is given to questions of the soul and only God has those answers.

    May 21, 2011 at 12:19 am |
  2. Tonya

    Watching Anderson tonight, he had me laughing. lawl When he talked about tonight's rediculist on this subject... And then... the doom music! -que doom music here- and his pause lolol I <3 ya Anderson ^.^ Thumbs up buddeh x)

    May 20, 2011 at 11:08 pm |