April 24th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President: #825 'Happy Easter'

Reporter's Note: Easter is not generally considered one of the favorite holidays in the U.S. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of gifts and parties, but still it is observed by the great majority of Americans, including President Obama. So I have added yet another letter to his festivities.

Dear Mr. President,

Happy Easter! I trust the day has found you well and enjoying all the joys of the most important of the Christian holidays. To make a pun: Heaven knows we are doing that at our house.

I was reading that the National Restaurant Association expects 33 million Americans to dine out today. I hope they are right, or they’re going to be stuck with a lot of leftovers. Ha!

Not that we’ll be joining the crowd. We have always tended to be “dine at home” folks on Easter. Not sure what we have planned this time around, but I imagine we’ll trot out some ham and asparagus, maybe some peas and pearl onions, or sweet potatoes. Of course we’ll have some sort of delicious bread. Maybe hot cross buns, yum!