April 16th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President: #817 'An early start to the weekend'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: I often wonder what President Obama does when he’s not being all presidential - like, does he ever make his own bed anymore or oil a door? My letter today gives him some insights into my life, just in case he is wondering about some of the same things.

Dear Mr. President,

Not to make you all envious, but I took the day off, and it was just great. My wife and I have been gradually clearing out the accumulated stuff of 25 years of marriage, so we spent the better part of the day separating things in an upstairs room into “relocate,” “donate,” and “throw away” piles.

In that regard you’re lucky. Pretty much everything you and your family touch for the rest of your lives will go into your archives. “Hey dad, what should I do with this hamburger wrapper?”

“Well, first, don’t let your mom see it. And second, I don’t know. Stick it in a drawer for the presidential library. Ha!”

Must be nice.

We took a break in the middle of the day to see that new movie, The Conspirator, about the woman convicted of being involved in the Lincoln assassination. I really liked it. Of course, I’m something of an idealist at heart, so any story about people chasing ideals, such as justice, generally appeal to me. My wife thought it was a little slow at first, but I didn’t think so.

On the other hand, even though Kevin Kline did a fine job I couldn’t help but wonder every time he came onto screen, “Whatever happened to Phoebe Cates?” Which, as you might guess, interrupted the Civil War vibe a bit for me.

Still, since you’re a Lincoln fan and possibly not plagued by my Phoebe Cates obsession, I imagine you would find it interesting. (If you need someone to get tickets for you on the sly so as not to create a ruckus at the cinema, give me a call. Happy to help. Uh, but you’ll still have to get your own popcorn.)

Anyway, that’s about all I have to report for this day. And frankly, I’m happy to say so. I hope your weekend gets off to as nice of a start.


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