April 6th, 2011
03:42 AM ET
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  1. Arthur S

    If Japanese nuke plant radiation fallout gets in the Jet Stream which goes from Japan to the USA that travels at 250 miles per hour the radiation could reach the USA in about 3 days. During World War II Japan had used special balloons to send bombs to the USA. Out of 3000 of these bomb balloons about 250 reached the USA. They just had a show on the History channel about these bomb balloons that had reached the USA during World War II. Has there been test to see if Japanese nuke plant radiation fallout has reached into the Jet Stream? I have not heard CNN tell us if the Jet Stream was tested. If the Jet Stream was tested what were the results. This is different than the radiation reaching us at sea level from Japan that has already been reported on. I tried to speak to someone at CNN News Tip line and he just put me through to a recording. 😦

    April 6, 2011 at 10:35 pm |
  2. Kris Trenary

    I appreciate the fact you are continuing to cover this but I think information is not being reported. I am not concerned about the backgrund radiation. I am concerned about the radioactive isotopes being found here in the food chain, in milk and food, namely nickel 63 being found in milk and food on the west coast. I am concerned about what is being dumped into the ocean. The EPA is not reporting the levels or the long term effects of ingesting of these isotopes. Intead the EPA is now simply going to raise the acceptable safety levels of different radioactive isotopes in the water and food by tens of thousands. Really? You just came up with these new levels? Where is the testing and long term studies? We cannot even get the levels of these radioactive isotopes reported and now the EPA will raise their safety levels?! That solves the potential health problems. If we think health care costs too much now wait ten years for the consequneces of ingesting radioactive isotopes start to manifest. I am losing confidence in the government's ability to protect us, tell the truth or be transparent. Lets just cover this up and not scare the masses. Okay let you kids and grandchildren drink milk with radioactive isotopes in them (nickel 63)! The them eat the contaminated food and drink the water. Better yet, get another new station to tell us radioactivity is good! Okay get rid of your sun screen and hit the tanning beds, while our troops are pulled out of harms way near Japan. I guess when we watch what we eat, no need to worry about food and water with radioactive isotopes already found in them, go ahead, it is safe to eat, just skip the grease and fat and you'll be fine. Really? How incongruant or insane is that? EPA who do you think you are fooling? Go ahead, raise the safety limits of radioacitve isotope safety levels for no other reason except we have already surpassed them and see who trusts you then. Give us reasonable facts and reasonable percautions both what you are doing and what we should do, or you will lose your credibility. Please don't tell me your answer is you'll raise the safety levels and therefore, because you say so we will all be fine. Oh, you already did that....Hmmmm

    April 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm |
  3. Jim Feemster

    I specialize in disaster recovery and it's time to get the opinions of real experts. They need to get the opinions of scientist at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Labs) and Sandia Labratories. I was warned several weeks ago not to let anyone go to Japan to start recovery efforts. The situation is alot worse than is being admitted too.
    We are used to going into bad situations but, this one is still way out of control.

    April 6, 2011 at 2:04 pm |
  4. Paul Quintero


    Michael Friedlander is definately the person you need to keep listening to and broadcasting concerning the nuclear disaster coming to us from Japan. He is communicating the real threat the international community needs to be aware of. Dr Sanjay Gupta has been making the same mistakes several of the other CNN correspondents have been making by comparing radiation doses received from CT scans or Xrays. Also comments by CNN reporters saying we are exposed to radiation everyday is very misleading. The type of radiation being spilled into the Pacific has the finger print unique to a fission reaction. Friedlander's referrence to decay and half-life of the the radiation particles truly is the threat. My advice is to eliminate the reports that are trivalizing background radiation and "nothing to worry about" scenarios because the ocean is so big..and move Mr Friedlander to the front to keep the facts and seriousness of the situation in check. I think AC would be the person to be the filter/translator to keep Friedlanders comments understandable to the public. The concept of radiation and cancer are attention getters, isotopes,half-lifes not so much.

    April 6, 2011 at 7:06 am |