April 3rd, 2011
03:34 PM ET

Letters to the President: #804 'The steady march on jobs'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: The latest jobs report came out late in the week and should have been at least a tiny ray of light for the president in a rather gloomy spring; much as my daily letters are. Ha!

Dear Mr. President,

You must have been happy, at least in a relative sense, to see the latest jobs report.

Although 8.8 percent unemployment is nothing to brag about, it did manage to stay under 9 percent, and that’s something. Mind you, simultaneously it seems as if people who lose their jobs are spending longer periods of time on the unemployment line, so…

Every time one of these reports appears, I watch your economic advisers on TV explaining why it’s promising news, and then I watch others come on to say maybe not so much. Frankly, I’m not always sure what to make of all their arguments. All I really know is that we’d be better off if a lot more Americans had jobs, and until that happens you’re going to have economic critics nipping at your heels.