March 19th, 2011
01:48 AM ET

Update: Man reported to be trapped in rubble was actually visiting home after spending days in shelter

CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) - A young man authorities originally thought had been rescued from his home in Japan after being trapped for eight days actually had been staying in a shelter, the Japan Self-Defence Forces said Saturday.

The man had been visiting his home temporarily when rescuers found him, the forces said.

Kyodo News reported that the man had been staying in a shelter since the quake and tsunami hit the coastal city of Kesennuma on March 11. He returned home around noon Friday to clean it up, Kyodo reported, citing his family.

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  1. Dan Clermont

    I muust admit that after watching that tearful admission I was wet with my tears , as was he he. I felt like screaming "save his tears fore the people that do not have any water to drink" I was envious of the courage that it took to order them to work extra hours fixing the problems. I feel so humbled by that courage. When they are buried, he can can sob at their funerals and show his courage. I believe that he should be in there with them ( no protective clothing for him) passing water bottles out to the workers, He should be given a medal or maybe a short sword to fall as he dies, I could swear and scream but only my dogs and the cat would hear me

    March 19, 2011 at 2:18 am |