March 18th, 2011
11:59 PM ET

ShelterBox mobilizes quickly for Japanese in need

(CNN) - After a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan last Friday, response team members from ShelterBox were on the ground within 24 hours.

The organization, founded by 2008 CNN Hero Tom Henderson, provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families affected by disasters. These essentials come in a large, green box that shares the organization's name.

With an initial 600 ShelterBoxes en route to thousands of survivors in northern Japan, Henderson's group is doing whatever it can to help a country in crisis.

Henderson spoke with CNN's Allie Torgan about nuclear fears and his group's ongoing efforts in Japan.

CNN: How did you mobilize your team into action when you heard about the earthquake?

Tom Henderson: Within minutes, we were moving. We look at our resources, what we've got available, where our teams are around the world and how quickly we can get people on the ground. We're fortunate that we've got boxes positioned in different parts of the world and we've got our response team members around the world. Within an hour, we were looking at our people going, "Go jump on an airplane, group together in Tokyo, and let's get this thing moving."

We had our first people on the ground within 24 hours. There are boxes leaving every day in different numbers. We've got people monitoring our team on the ground minute by minute.

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  1. Duane A. Lewis

    It's good to see that at least someone is trying to help in a timely manner. Yes they have nuclear worries but the people who took the brunt of all this are still in need. And finally someone has hit the ground runnning in a timely manner. Everyone else seems to be sitting ang collecting all data and various ways to get help to them, no offense, that's all great but the survivors need the help now, not days later. When it might be to late. Also I saw a post on Google that a japanese teacher had sent where children in Tokoyo I believe where gathering supplies but could not get the government of even the echool to try and help get them to the victims. Maybe they and Mr. Henderson can get together and possible get the supplies to the victims or at least try and find some transportation for the supplies. And don't forget medications. Thanks for listening and lets all hope they make it out of this.

    Duane A. Lewis

    March 19, 2011 at 12:36 pm |