March 8th, 2011
07:00 PM ET

Sheen canned from sitcom after extended public meltdown

CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) - Warner Bros. Television has fired actor Charlie Sheen from its comedy "Two and a Half Men" after a two-week public meltdown by the star that has included attacks on the show's creator.

"After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men,' effective immediately," the company said in a statement issued Monday.

"This is very good news," Sheen said in a statement to TMZ. "They continue to be in breach, like so many whales.

"It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions ... and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension."

Sheen, 45, has been known for his highly publicized marital, legal and substance abuse problems as much as his acting. The show was put on hiatus after he entered a rehabilitation program in January, and production was halted after Sheen blasted show co-creator Chuck Lorre and Alcoholics Anonymous in a February 24 radio interview.

He has followed that up with a series of interviews in which he threatened to sue television network CBS for shutting down the nearly 8-year-old show, demanded a raise from $2 million to $3 million per episode and insisted he was "clean, focused and ready to get back to work."

"I feel more alive, I feel more focused, I feel more energetic," Sheen told CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" last week. "I'm on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front."

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  1. Doreen Petersen

    Watching Charlie Sheen is like watching a train wreck about to happen in slow motion. This can only end 1 of 2 ways: either he gets the help he so desperately needs or he will be found dead. Very sad since he really does have a tremendous amount of talent. Really hope his family tries an intervention otherwise I fear the worst will happen.

    Doreen Petersen

    March 8, 2011 at 11:55 pm |
  2. Pamela

    Very Very STUPID!!!! Firing Charlie Sheen is the worst thing they could have done. Two & 1/2 Men is nothing without him.

    Charlie is living his life the way he wants too. Just like we all are doing. We live our lives the way we want too. Leave him alone, let him decide his own fate.

    I adore Charlie & think he is extremely talented. I wish him all the best, no matter what he chooses to do in life.

    March 8, 2011 at 10:54 pm |
  3. Lisa in Louisville

    Charlie Sheen has had way too much media attention. He's a drug addict, abuses women, is an ego maniac, has the audacity to sleep with two women when his children are in the house, and wonders why he has had his children taken away? What an arrogant, spoiled, brat. Please don't give him any more air or cyber time. My heart goes out to his family.

    March 8, 2011 at 8:23 pm |