February 15th, 2011
04:00 PM ET

Iranian lawmakers condemn protests; call for execution of leaders

CNN Wire Staff

Tehran, Iran (CNN) - Iranian lawmakers denounced Monday's protests in Tehran and called for the execution of two opposition leaders for inciting the demonstrations, Iran's state-run Press TV reported Tuesday.

Members of the Iranian parliament issued fiery chants against opposition leaders and former presidential candidates Mehdi Karrubi and Mir Hossein Moussavi.

Press TV aired video Tuesday of lawmakers chanting "Moussavi, Karrubi ... execute them."

Lawmakers also named former President Mohammad Khatami in some of the death chants.

The calls for the leaders' executions come after a particularly deadly month in Iran. At least 66 people were executed in January, according to Iranian media reports. Most of the executions were reportedly carried out for drug offenses, although at least three involved political prisoners, a U.N. statement said.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay expressed alarm earlier this month over the number of executions.

Iranian leaders have praised Egypt's revolution, but Monday when protesters in Iran took to the streets the government cracked down hard.

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  1. M.Ray Saadati

    Dear Anderson Cooper,

    (Confidential letter for Anderson)
    I as an American, Iranian appreciate your attention and reports on Iran, Forgotten People of Iran who are ignored by media, strong 75 million pro west, pro US people who need your and CNN attention as they are living in Hell and under the most un-civilized and Barbaric regime, much worse than burma, or any other country on the EARTH.

    In short trip in July of 2009 to Iran, an educated, A proud U.S citizen, myself saw and experiened first hand how bad the system works.I did not let them know of my dual citizenship, otherwise I would be there. I was in Evin Prison @ the same time when the three American hikers were kidnapped @ the border and brought there(I never saw them or were aware until after I was released)

    I was arrested in July 09 on street, kept in "HELL" and then released by this in-human regime.

    The Iranian Regime is nothing compare to Egyptian goverment, it's perhaps 50 times worse than what you have first hand experienced in recent weeks. Egyptian are like "Angeles" compare to Mullah's regime in Iran.
    Anderson, Keep up the fantanstic work you are doing and please do not forget Iran.

    Warmest Regards,

    M. Ray Saadati

    February 16, 2011 at 1:12 am |
  2. David J. George

    What happened to the protestor "Sarah"? She is a hero. Not only for her participation in the green moavement in Iran, but also for putting herself in danger by going on air with you. I honestly hope that the signal loss was not due to gov't intervention.

    February 15, 2011 at 10:55 pm |
  3. corey (concerned soldier)

    Okay, so check this out.....so the middle east is falling apart....holy crap. Im in the US Army and all I have to say is, I really hope they leave Israel alone while I'm in Afghanistan. I do not want to be over there when hell breaks loose.

    February 15, 2011 at 8:59 pm |