February 14th, 2011
04:51 PM ET

Beat 360° 2/14/11

Ready for today's Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture you provide the caption and our staff will join in too. Tune in tonight at 10pm to see if you are our favorite! Here is the 'Beat 360°' pic:

Singer Lady Gaga arrives at The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on February 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Have fun with it. We're looking forward to your captions! Make sure to include your name, city, state (or country) so we can post your comment.

Update: Beat 360° Winners:

Ben Finley
“Guys slow down…we’re too far ahead of the bacon and hash browns."


Elizabeth, PA
"Lady Gaga is coming out of her shell."

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February 14th, 2011
02:45 PM ET

Where has Mubarak stashed his millions?

Peter Wilkinson

(CNN) - Global efforts are intensifying to seize assets belonging to Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak following the revolution in the north African nation.

The former Egyptian leader may now be resident in Sharm el-Sheikh following his flight last week from Cairo – but where is his fortune?

Full story

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February 14th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President: #756 'Happy Valentine's Day!'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: President Obama asked for advice from the public a long time ago. I keep giving it, and not just on special days.

Dear Mr. President,

I like having holidays that involve gifts on Mondays. That way if I am unprepared, I have the whole weekend to regroup and get something going.

It must be that way for you, too. I mean seriously, with your schedule, I can’t imagine when you ever find time to get to the mall, and heaven knows you can’t send Biden. I have the feeling he’d come up with some wild idea about doing all the shopping at Home Depot. “Look, what I bought! Your wife does like 2 by 4’s, right? And how could your girls resist a high quality, variable speed saw like this?”

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