February 6th, 2011
09:00 AM ET

Letters to the President #748 'Super Bowl? Maybe'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: Sports are nice for taking your mind off of tough times - just like daily letters from a pen pal. Ha!

Dear Mr. President,

Here it is, Super Bowl Sunday, and I must say as I write this, that I am just not as into the game as I thought I would be. Maybe it’s just all the serious events of the past week, or maybe it is fatigue from all the travel, or maybe it’s just that I somehow feel put off by the fact that sports shows have been breathlessly analyzing the matchup for two weeks now.

As much as I enjoy football, does anything need to be talked about that much? Seriously, I think there are carloads of teenage girls who seemingly can talk forever, who would lapse into a coma if they were forced to take on the same topic, nonstop, around-the-clock for two weeks. My wife and I spent less time to discussing our plans to get married, and we didn’t even have instant replay to count on!

Of course, it doesn’t help that I don’t really have a favorite in this contest. I kind of like the fact that they are both old line teams, and there are things I like about each. Green Bay is just always a great story, and I admire the people up there. I mean, you’ve got to respect anyone who loves anything enough to voluntarily sit in butt-numbing cold for hours on end. Pittsburgh is a cool town in its own right, and I like some of the Steelers as players - notably, Troy Polamalu, and no…it’s not just because of the wild hair, although that’s entertaining in its own right.

So you can see I don’t really much care which side wins, and in sports…uh…that kind of takes the excitement out of the game. Oh sure, I can watch like some kind of Zen master, content to observe the art of effort. But that makes me feel the same way I do about those weird contests on ESPN 2 in the middle of the night that involve big men throwing logs.

I think I am leaning a little bit in favor of the Packers, but not enough that you could notice. Of course, if my Saints were back in, that would be a different story. Just like it would be for you if the Bears had held on. Oh well, there is always next year.

Enjoy the game. I noticed I missed some calls while I was on the road and I haven’t checked messages yet. Did you want me to come over? I might still be able to, but call early if that’s the case. I could bring chips and maybe some dip.


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  1. Asmaa Attia

    We want to thank you for the honest amazing Egypt situation coverage,, we LOVED IT!!!!!!!
    We wish you would have stayed longer!!!
    Thanks again for superior coverage that really made everybody aware of the crisis in Egypt,or as I like to call it THE REVOLUTION!!

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