February 1st, 2011
02:32 PM ET

Letters to the President #743 'Nevada's power play'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: The president is tending to his business in DC and I’m tending to mine in Nevada this week; from whence comes today’s letter.

Dear Mr. President,

As is so often the case during these road trips, I am already exhausted. Heaven knows why. It doesn’t seem as if we are working all that hard. I guess it has just been the running around, the wind, the cold, and the long hours; or some nasty combination of them all, but I could sure use a nap. Still, why am I complaining to you? You must feel that way many days.

Despite all that, I saw something interesting today. We took a ride out to an immense solar field east of Las Vegas, and it was quite impressive. I don’t know how many times you have been around these things, but it was comprised of endless rows of shiny black panels pointed at the sun and silently doing their work. The guy we were with told me that they have about a million solar cells there, and lacking the time or inclination to count them, I’m taking him at his word.

The plant is located near the tiny town of Boulder City, because that’s where the solar folks can tap into the massive distribution lines that serve Hoover Dam. That way they can get their clean, green energy to customers all over the west.

Maybe that would be obvious to someone smarter, but I have to admit I had never really thought about it before. It did not occur to me with all this talk of solar and wind power that just building the facilities, as so many communities want, will prove useless unless they are close enough to distribution lines to get that power to the places where it is needed.

Anyway, the folks in Boulder City have realized that this gives them something of a natural leg up in the fight to be leaders in this new, clean, green energy race. And as much as communities in Nevada are struggling, you’ve got to wish them well.

That’s about it for today. Like I said, I’m a little too tired to go on much further. You know that I’d always appreciate a call, but frankly if you can wait until I get home, I’d appreciate that even more.

Speaking of needing some alternative energy…ha!


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  1. michael lines

    I think many people are worried more about image and money than worrying about am i being moral. If a person wants fame and fortune he needs only the approval of a supreme being. That person needs to be you and me. All of us! Such knowlege, but sometimes that knowlege means nothing if evryone believes differently. But if there is one thing that will make a difference it isnt fame or fortune its how we are as men and women and the values we instill in ourselves Hard choices sometimes but necessary. I read ontime excerps from the Manifesto by Carl Marx, and one thing stood out in my mind. It said, "We dont have to worry about Democracy, Democracy will take care of itself" Thank you and God Bless America.

    February 1, 2011 at 11:42 pm |
  2. michael lines

    Dear Mr President:
    May I just say that I feel the problems of the world are not the fault of the goverment necessarly but rather the people that benifit from whatever form of government is in power. We are all quick to recognize problems but only a few people have the power to change what is wrong. What all people lack in todays world is the basic moralistic values that create wealth in peoples minds not in there pocketbooks. Democracy isnt not idealistic but value and morals are essential in any form of effective government and not necessarly in the minds of those who benifit from that government and thats a mouthful because of the electronic age we live in. Im 70 years old and you may be able to tell but the world has done a 360 in those 70 years and until we all work together with one purpose of moralist fiber no matter where we live and what government we support we will always be surpressed. Thank you.

    February 1, 2011 at 11:24 pm |