January 22nd, 2011
10:14 AM ET

Letters to the President # 733: Living large in middletown

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: Barack Obama has now been President for two years. Which means I’ve been the presidential pen pal just as long.

Dear Mr. President,

It occurs to me that you and I passed the middle mark in our correspondence recently. You’ve been in office two years, I’ve written to you every single day, and you have replied on a regular basis. Oh sure, not with an actual letter or phone call, but I can tell as I’ve listened to your speeches and watched your actions that you’ve been paying attention.

And frankly, I think it’s probably a good idea that you don’t make a fuss about how much you are counting on me. It would only make all those “official” advisors down there at the White House jealous. So, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

As the middle of your term approaches, it has also been interesting to watch how you have moved toward the political middle, too. You may recall that I predicted this would happen right after the Republicans stormed the castle in November. Sure enough, on a wide variety of matters you have taken up a more centrist stance.

I realize that this has caused a good many of your more liberal pals to gnash their teeth and rend their garments (at least that’s what is sounds like) but as I’ve said before, you probably shouldn’t worry about that much. In some of the latest polls I’ve noticed that your support among Independents is improving once again.

That’s important, because they are the voters who put you into office in the first place, and they are the ones you will need if you want to make it through the next two years…and tack on four more.

I’m hoping for a nice, long run tomorrow, despite the cold. If you want to join in, give me a call.



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  1. Ricky Moore

    The people have lost this country when, the majority of people said this is who we want as the President but that electoral college said no this will be President. Why dont we get to vote on some of the bills? Why do politicans make more than the average person? I mean come on a Rep. for the people isnt suppose to be a good job, their there to Rep. the people and be held to a high standard. Example, here in my home town in Jackson, Michigan a judge through out tickets for person gain to his family and hes on suspension with PAY. It stuff like this that make the people take matters in there own hands. It needs to stop!

    January 22, 2011 at 10:15 pm |
  2. Kim

    Over half of all states across America are in the process of a law suit to sue over the Health Care Reform Law. Obama says he's willing to fix things with the legislation and what page is he on and fixing ? Who on his team is working with all this ? Tell us when he gets to the page where they type in all heart conditions and heart transplants covered. Mean while, how many years do all the law suits go on and people die ? An example: Insurance company says we can't cover you, because of the way the law is written and they're going to sue in an effort to fix that law with another law but who knows what the law is going to say when all is said and done. House of Representatives in NC voted to over-turn health care deform legislation 245-189.Florida has a team of states hooking up with a health care law suit. Oklahoma says we'll sue on our own. Wolf Blitizer interviews Nancy Pelosi and asks her at least four times about the polls reading that the American people are not supporting the Health Care Bill and want changes and she's argumentive and sounds closed minded about any changes. Is that denial ? An estimated 14% of Americans are in support of what is being called Obama Care. It was supposed to be called Universial Health Care. Obama's focus is on jobs and who's on his team working these legislative health care changes and what is being changed and to what specifically ? Give us the page number they're reviewing for edit and let us read it via electronic form ? H Res 554 and House Rules changed yet ? Cut the puma cats loose ! Obama will not be elected and will lose by a land slide if he doesn't fix health care and get this economy moving with jobs.He can spend 5 billion to be re-elected and won't be if these two very critical issues are not improved upon."Fly Like an Eagle"... There is a solution ! Good thing we've got NTAF and no kidding ! These Health Care law suits could go on for years back and forth between states and the Fed's and what will we the people be doing ? Finding ways to fund good causes so people don't die.Hooray for NTAF ! Donations to them and they'll make sure you get a heart transplant in America. It's a million dollars for a heart transplant and they start at $650,000 ! Can you count on your insurance company with all the health care laws changing and law suits ? We need the rodeo clowns dressed up like the Tin Man in the Wiz of Oz and at the end of that movie ,everybody gets a heart ! Pass the hat with heart ! Edit to revise on Health Care and 2000 pages of confusion.

    January 22, 2011 at 10:03 pm |