January 20th, 2011
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Update on Rep. Giffords' Recovery: Join the Live Chat

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Tonight we have breaking news out of Tuscon, Arizona where we've learned new details on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords recovery. Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Elizabeth Cohen will have the details. Plus, inside a cold case in New Mexico. Four people killed 21-years-ago  at a bowling alley, some of them children. We'll talk with John Walsh, Host of "America's Most Wanted."

Scroll down to join the live chat during the program. It's your chance to share your thoughts on tonight's headlines. Keep in mind, you have a better chance of having your comment get past our moderators if you follow our rules.

Here are some of them:

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January 20th, 2011
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Beat 360° 1/20/11

Ready for today's Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture you provide the caption and our staff will join in too. Tune in tonight at 10pm to see if you are our favorite! Here is the 'Beat 360°' pic:

First lady Michelle Obama is flanked by Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., while speaking about food availability and affordability during a news conference, on January 20, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Have fun with it. We're looking forward to your captions! Make sure to include your name, city, state (or country) so we can post your comment.

Update: Beat 360° Winners:

Sam Meyer
“As God is my witness, I thought arugula could fly.”


Leigh Grant, Kitchener, On. Canada
“I swear to tell the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit, so help me god.”

___________________________________________________________________________Beat 360° Challenge

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January 20th, 2011
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AC360° Cold Case: Twenty-one years later, justice eludes victims of bowling alley slaying

Casey Wian
CNN Correspondent

Editor's note: Watch Casey Wian's full report on the Las Cruces bowling alley murders Thursday on Anderson Cooper 360° beginning at 10pm ET.

(CNN) - "They shot me five times," says a desperate 12-year-old Melissia Repass in a call to 911. "Just hang on, take a deep breath," says the dispatcher. "How many people are hurt?"

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7," is her chilling response from an office floor in a New Mexico bowling alley.

Repass and six others were shot execution style during a robbery at the Las Cruces Bowl on Feb. 10, 1990. Police responded and found Melissia's friend, 13-year-old Amy Houser, Air National Guardsman Steven Teran, 26, and his 6-year-old daughter Paula, shot dead. Teran's 2-year-old daughter, Valarie, succumbed 45 minutes later at the hospital.

"The people that did it shot her point blank. I mean they were looking at her when they shot her," said Audrey Teran, Valarie's mother. "I know they see her eyes. I know whoever did this can't get these eyes out of their head."

Incredibly, Melissia survived. So did her mother, 34-year-old bowling alley manager Stephanie Senac, and Ida Holguin, 33, the Las Cruces Bowl's cook.

"When they shot me in the head, it was the loudest noise I ever heard," Holguin says. "I thought my head had exploded. I was soaked with blood."

Despite gunshot wounds to their heads, the survivors were able to provide detectives a detailed description of their killers, who took between $4,000 and $5,000 in cash.

Officers set up road blocks on all highways leading out of Las Cruces. Yet the killers escaped, and have avoided justice for nearly 21 years.

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January 20th, 2011
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Ricky Gervais offers no apologies for Golden Globes jokes

Editor's note: Watch "Piers Morgan Tonight" weeknights on CNN/US at 9 p.m. ET and on CNN International at 1200 GMT/1300 CET/2000 HKT.

Alan Duke

Los Angeles (CNN) - Ricky Gervais isn't worried that his cutting humor at Sunday's Golden Globes made anyone dislike him, because he was just doing his job.

"I don't care what people think of me," Gervais said in an interview airing Thursday on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." "I care if I've done a good job, and I care if I've told the truth."

Gervais' jokes targeted many of Hollywood's biggest stars and the group that hired him to host the awards show for a second year.

"They hired me for a job and if they didn't want me, they shouldn't have hired me," Gervais said.

His job as comedian is to give people a release, he said.

"Comedy is laughing in the face of adversity," he said. "We use comedy as a sword, a shield, as a medicine, as a getting to know you. It's fundamental. It's a fundamental we understand comedy and we have humor, because it's built on empathy, and that's what being human is."

The British comedian told Morgan he was just "confronting the elephant in the room" with one-liners about the bad movies and bad behavior of the actors sitting in front of him.

Full story

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January 20th, 2011
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January 20th, 2011
11:45 AM ET

Letters to the President: #731 'Negotiating'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: President Obama’s been really busy entertaining the Chinese president, so I don’t know if he’s had time to read my letters lately. Or…uh…ever, for that matter.

Dear Mr. President,

It seems as if the big state dinner went well enough last night. Congratulations on that. I must say that I rarely pay much attention to things such as the first lady’s attire, but her gown last night was really quite smashing.

From a distance, however, I can’t really say that I know how things are going in the overall visit. It seems to me that the problem with these high level visits is often the delicate balance between playing nice and playing tough. Truth told, we need to do both.

January 20th, 2011
11:30 AM ET

Dem stands by Nazi comparison

Alexander Mooney
CNN Ticker Producer

(CNN) – Rep. Steve Cohen, the Tennessee Democrat who compared Republican efforts to criticize health care to the works of a famous Nazi propagandist, is standing by his heated rhetoric on the House Floor Tuesday night.

But in an interview with CNN's John King, Cohen said he was not directly comparing Republicans to Nazis, but rather merely suggesting they are employing the same techniques of that of infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

"I didn't compare the Republicans to Nazis," Cohen told CNN Wednesday. "Goebbels was the master of political propaganda. He said repeat it. Make it short. Make it simple and repeat it over and over. And that's what they've done. It's not a – you just heard [Minnesota Republican Rep.] Michele Bachmann call it socialistic. That's just – they're lies."

The original comments came Tuesday night when Cohen, speaking to a virtually empty House Floor, said, "They say it's a government takeover of health care, a big lie, just like Goebbels. You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie and eventually people believe it."

In his interview with CNN, Cohen insists the press has blown his comments out of proportion.

"Some have in the press…seem to want to jump on anything," he said, adding later, "I think that people are looking for something. I think the press was hypersensitive. Certainly I didn't intend to do that, but the way they lied has been the same way that the master political propagandist of all time Goebbels said to lie."

Also speaking on Anderson Copper 360 Wednesday, Cohen said he wouldn't make the comparison again but declared, "I was right."

Keeping Them Honest: Cohen compares GOP on health care to Nazi propaganda

Full story on the CNN Political Ticker

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