January 10th, 2011
12:15 PM ET

Bookended by tragedy, a too-short life leaves a void

CNN Wire Staff

Tucson, Arizona (CNN) - She was born on September 11, 2001, and died in Saturday's shootings in Arizona. Christina Green's father says the nine years in between were special.

"It does say something about our society that our daughter was born on a tragic day and taken out on a tragic day," John Green told CNN's Casey Wian Sunday.

Christina attended the event hosted by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords because she had recently been chosen for the student council at Mesa Verde Elementary School, where families left flowers and a note that read, in part, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of this precious child."

"She was a great friend, a great sister, a great daughter," said Christina's mother, Roxanna Green. "We're so proud of her and I just want everyone to know ... that we got robbed, she got robbed, of a beautiful life that she could have had."

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  1. Karen

    This is a sad, sad, incident. And Sarah Palin, Beck, Rush, and all the other fake Republicans whose negative, tainted speeches, invoked violence against our government, need to pay a heavy price for their hateful appeals. Their acts are treasonous. Young people are impressionable it's true. And some are more impressionable than others. But we have to speak the truth on the issue. The only person I witness on TV speaking plainly and truthfully about this issue was Bill Maher. This child was a brainwashed skinhead influenced to assassinate an government official plus murder other innocent people.

    Did you know Gabrielle Gifford’s, the Arizona Congress Woman shot today outside a Tucson Safeway, was featured on Sarah Palin's infamous 'crosshair’s map, which targeted legislators who voted for Obama's health care bill. "Don't retreat, instead- RELOAD!" was how Palin introduced the map to her Twitter followers. Days later, a vandal smashed the glass door of Gifford’s' Tucson office. Gifford’s father said that Tea Partiers continuously harassed his daughter. (And you may notice that CNN, ABC, and FOX aren’t allowing the Gifford’s fathers viewpoints to be said on air. (What’s up with that Anderson Cooper?)

    Even the President didn't revile the evil that Sarah Palin and her crew have stirred up. I'm not saying they were the only reason this young man turned on society but I can honestly say they played a huge part for all the confusion that happened that day. Them and the useless Fox news team that help distribute their dirt.

    All I have to say is that when good white folk wakes up and realizes what's really going down. It's not going to be pretty. And Sarah Palin will have to creep back into the Alaskan hole she crawled out of. Beck mike will be taken away, and Rush’s ass will be kicked. Because when everything is said and done; Congress Woman Gifford will never be the same, that mother of the nine year old girl, will never be able to hold her baby girl again, and the brainwashed boys’ parents will have to watch him rot in jail, whilst Palin, Beck, and Rush, are walking around free.
    Come on America let' get their money, they owe it to us now.

    January 11, 2011 at 11:41 am |
  2. James

    Poor baby.. She deserved more from her country. It breaks my hart.. What hurts almost as bad, is that the people will forget what happened and what caused it to happen, the people responsible (Jan Brewer)and her ilk. ..Just adds to the tragedy.

    January 11, 2011 at 1:32 am |
  3. Ron

    I just heard that members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to Picket this little girls funeral.... This totally makes me sick !!! I would hope that they never get near Tucson Arizona....

    January 11, 2011 at 1:23 am |
  4. Kim

    Prayers and positive thoughts.How do we make it better so this tragedy is less likely to happen ? (NAMI) The National Alliance on mental illness is raising awareness about state budget cuts impacting mental health coverage across the nation. Why are we cutting 2 billion dollars nation wide ? When we see a tragedy like this ya gotta ask why.What states are listed the deepest cuts in mental health ? Arizona,Illinois,Indiana,Louisiano,Michigan,New York,Nevada,North Carolina,Ohio and South Carolina.Did the Community College have a psychologist on staff for intervention and could he flipped out and started shooting people and that is mentally insane and seriously emotionally disturbed. Support NAMI !

    January 11, 2011 at 12:10 am |