December 16th, 2010
11:30 AM ET

Letters to the President: #696 'The looming Christmas deadline'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: President Obama is trying to wrap up some late legislative pushes, while the rest of us are just trying to wrap up presents before Christmas is upon us.

Dear Mr. President,

Christmas is coming fast now, and I was just sitting here in my office looking out into the DC night wondering if you have anything to do with your own shopping anymore? I mean, whether online or in catalogues, do presidents even get involved? I ask because I saw a guy scooting into one of the stores up at Union Station and it looked like a certain partner of yours, so I thought, so that’s how he gets the gifts!

“Look kids, out on the lawn! It’s Biden Claus!”

My wife and I were discussing how work really seems to get in the way of holiday festivities anymore. There seems to be so much that we need to do for our kids’ schools, for colleagues, our church, friends, family members, that a lot of the nice things we really want to do get pushed aside. It’s a shame really.

A co-worker named Steve told me the other day of some old study that found this rule of Christmas gift giving: If you buy it more than two weeks before the holiday it’s because you love them; if you buy it less than two weeks, it’s because you are afraid that you’re running out of time. Ha! Not a perfect formula, to be sure, but not bad either.

So while the gang up on Capitol Hill wrangles away with last minute legislation and grumbles about how it is cutting into their Christmas time, I can’t help but be of two minds. On one hand, I understand. I wish the whole nation could slow down a bit, savor our moments with family and friends, and rediscover many of the most valuable things in life that can’t be bought in a store. On the other hand, the economy being what it is, I want to say to them, “Hey, we’re all working right up to the wire these days. Grab a shopping bag and join the club. I see you at the mall for midnight madness.”

My wife is (I think) making a long drive up to see her folks today. I hope she doesn’t hit much traffic. If she does, do you suppose you could send that fancy helicopter of yours to pick her up? It would really help, because frankly if she weren’t around to keep our plans on track, I’m afraid the family would end up celebrating Christmas some time in late May.

Call if you get a moment.


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  1. Amy

    Its sad there rushing to pass a law that helps the rich but it wont help the 99ers! My family wont get christmas and they shouldn't either

    December 16, 2010 at 8:22 pm |