December 8th, 2010
12:32 PM ET

Protest fires erupt in Haiti

Moni Basu

Fires burned in several spots in Haiti's capital Wednesday morning, where angry demonstrators were voicing their dismay at the announcement the night before that Jude Celestin, a protégé of current President Rene Preval, had won enough votes to enter a runoff in January.

"Preval is a thief. We don't need Jude Celestin. We need Michel Martelly," people chanted, expressing support for the candidate who came in third and was left out of the runoff.

Many streets in Port-Au-Prince were strewn with rocks thrown by protesters, who hurled them with a purpose: to disrupt the capital.

Journalist Ernest Moloskot predicted that more violence awaited Haiti in the days ahead.

"It will get worse because of the anger of the people," he said.

American Airlines canceled all flights to and from Haiti on Wednesday amid the unrest there, a spokeswoman said.

Many people kept to their homes Wednesday, fearful of the brewing tension outside and fearful of what the future may bring in their already troubled homeland.

Most vocal on the volatile streets were the supporters of Martelly, a flamboyant Haitian entertainer otherwise known as Sweet Mickey.

It had been widely expected that the unlikely candidate would face former first lady and parliamentarian Mirlande Manigat in a runoff.

Martelly had expressed confidence that his status as a political novice would be his very strength and that he would emerge victorious onto Haiti's political stage.


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  1. ANNIE

    I read the news re the upheaval in Haiti following the election however, I would like to read that some progress has been made in the country utilizing the contributions raised from the various telethons etc. Clinton was named to head the rebuilding program; I saw him at the World Cup an his daughter's wedding, not so much in Haiti.
    What is with the "news" re the cholera outbreak caused by an Asian germ carried to the island by an soldier from Nepal. On second thought, maybe no news is better than some. These people need help. Sean Penn is going his part,I recently saw Dr.Gupta there during the cholera crisis. Please help these people and the ones who are trying to do something. Thanks, Anderson, you are the bomb!

    December 8, 2010 at 3:32 pm |
  2. oboul

    It's a fact that the results were fixed. They want Celestin just because of corruption and drugs . You know the 24/7 money maker.

    December 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm |