November 20th, 2010
11:30 AM ET
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  1. Kim

    Head for Senator Coburns office and what does he think ? He's got some numbers layed out about education and tax payers.PORK 101 read it and this legislature costs money and this Dream Act is complicated and our 14th Amendment is involved too. I want her daughter to have citizenship but how do we pay for it as a US united for the best interests of all involved ? They slam dunk stuff in these Bills and Americans have no idea what they're getting or the effects and costs for the whole.A vote on Monday after Thanksgiving ? Hillary Clinton needs START straightened out for national security and US inspectors in Russia and that's on their list to accomplish.The Dream Act ? What's in the Bill and how will this be handled and what are the costs,results,effects to implement ? How will this Act effect Education and what specific costs will we see as broke as we are ?

    November 21, 2010 at 6:47 am |

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