November 17th, 2010
01:25 PM ET

Heroes nominator: 'She speaks from her heart about her work and makes you want to get involved too.'

Program Note: CNN Heroes received more than ten thousand nominations from 100 countries.. A Blue Ribbon Panel selected the Top 10 CNN Heroes for the year. Voting for the CNN Hero of the Year continues through November 18th (6am ET) at CNNHeroes.com


Lory Goldberg
Nominated Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega | HER STORY

I have been a Southwest Airline flight attendant for 17 years. We have always been encouraged to give back to our community. I had met Guadalupe on several occasions and always knew there was something special about her. I became interested in Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega’s work after reading an article in the El Paso Times about her hospital celebrating its 100,000th birth and that her work centered on her love of children and the empowerment of women in Mexico. Being a fan of CNN Heroes, I felt there was no one more deserving of this award.

When I received the call that Guadalupe was picked as a CNN Hero it was unbelievable! Since the announcement was made that she was picked to be in the “Top 10,” I have watched with amazement as my small act has taken on a life of it’s own and brought attention and help to her nursing school and hospital. I have always heard that one person can make a difference - as in Guadalupe’s case - but I never dreamed it would be me.

As I spend time with Guadalupe I see she is an angel on Earth. She speaks from her heart about her work and makes you want to get involved, too. For the past 30 years her life has been dedicated to the health and welfare of those less fortunate from El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Her hospital does not turn anyone away. Even with the violence in Ciudad Juarez she still travels there 5 days a week.

Thank you CNN, for recognizing that everyday people like Guadalupe can change the world!

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