October 1st, 2010
08:39 PM ET

Evening Buzz: MI Asst. AG with blog on gay student takes leave of absence

Cate Vojdik
AC360° Writer

There’s a major development tonight in a story we’ve been following closely. Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has taken a leave of absence and will face a disciplinary hearing when he returns. That’s the official word from his employer.

Just three nights ago, Shirvell was on our program defending the blog he’s been using to attack college student Chris Armstrong, the first openly gay president of the Michigan Student Assembly. Shirvell accuses Armstrong of promoting a radical homosexual agenda and has acknowledged protesting outside of Armstrong's house and calling him "Satan's representative on the student assembly."

Wednesday night on 360, Shirvell’s boss, Attorney General Mike Cox, defended the assistant AG’s constitutional right to wage the internet campaign against Armstrong, even though he said he considers Shirvell a bully.

Last night, we reported that Armstrong has filed for a personal order of protection against Shirvell, alleging harassment. Shirvell has also been issued a no trespass warning by the University of Michigan.

The question is, when did Attorney General Cox first learn about the protection order filing and the no trespass warning? So far, he’s been resisting calls to dismiss Shirvell, insisting he doesn’t have the grounds to do so, under civil service rules. Keeping them honest, we’ll be looking closer tonight at the timeline. We’ll tell you what we’ve been learning about Andrew Shirvell.

We’ll also have the latest in the Connecticut triple murder trial. Closing arguments wrapped up today, bringing weeks of heart-wrenching and horrifying testimony to a close. Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were tortured and killed in a 2007 home invasion. Her husband was badly beaten but survived. Steven Hayes is the first of two suspects to go on trial and could be sentenced to death if convicted. His lawyer has argued that the other suspect was responsible for escalating the violence. Could his defense strategy work? Senior legal analyst and former prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin weighs in.

Plus, rogue waves. For years, scientist denied these massive ocean swells even existed. In her new book, “The Wave” author Susan Casey reveals the truth about these magnificent monsters – some as tall as 17-hundred feet high – and the world-class surfers who are hell-bent on riding them. Casey and legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton join Anderson for the Big 360 Interview.

See you at 10 p.m. eastern.

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