September 28th, 2010
03:30 PM ET

ProPublica: Gulf spill paymaster says he has eliminated claims backlog – while claimants disagree

(ProPublica) - Five weeks after taking over the oil spill damage claims from BP, and after widespread criticism of delays in processing applications, claims czar Kenneth Feinberg said his operation had eliminated the backlog of older claims that had been sitting in the system unpaid.

“There is virtually now no backlog,” Feinberg told us this morning. “We are now current with any of the older claims.”

The latest statistics from his operation indicate that nearly 39,000 claims have been paid or approved, another roughly 27,000 have been flagged for inadequate documentation, and almost 8,700 are under review. “The only backlog we have now in the system," Feinberg said, "is claims that have come in over the last few days,” as well as the large number of insufficiently documented claims that he said his organization is unable to process.

However, some applicants in our BP Claims Project said that their claims are still waiting in limbo even though they filed with Feinberg’s operation more than a month ago.

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