September 20th, 2010
04:47 PM ET

Political Theater: Ad wars heat up in Delaware Senate race

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"Political Theater" returns to the airwaves tonight on AC360°. Our correspondent Tom Foreman will be fact checking two new ads in the Delaware Senate race.

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Here’s the script for "Fit," a new 30-second ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, that's focused on Republican Christine O'Donnell:

Narrator: “We don’t know a lot about Christine O’Donnell. But here’s what we do know.”

Narrator: “She’ll fit right in, in Washington.”

Narrator: “O’Donnell spends money she doesn’t have. Hired employees she didn’t pay. Stiffed businesses. Didn’t pay her taxes."

Narrator: “One of Christine O’Donnell’s former employees summed it up: 'We were constantly trying to hold her back from spending. She was financially completely irresponsible.'”

Narrator: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

And a supporter of O'Donnell is also out with a new ad focused on her opponent Democrat Chris Coons.

Here’s the script for "Unafraid," a new 30-second ad from the Senate Conservatives Fund, a political action committee that is supporting O'Donnell:

Narrator: "What do we need in Washington?"

Narrator: "Harry Reid calls Chris Coons 'his pet.'"

Narrator: "Delaware doesn't need a Washington career politician's pet."

Narrator: "Christine O'Donnell's not afraid to stand up to the party bosses and power brokers."

Narrator: "Get our economy moving again."

Narrator: "Balance the budget."

Narrator: "Stop the bailouts."

Narrator: "Freedom to choose our doctors and health plans."

Narrator: "Christine O'Donnell stands up for us, not for Washington."

Narrator: "Paid for by the Senate Conservatives Fund, which is responsible for the content of this message."

Take a look at each of the ads and the claims each makes; then render your own verdict in the comments section below. You have 4 choices: “Right on,” “It’s a stretch,” “Tall tale,” or “Big fat lie.” Be brief but please give us the evidence in support of your verdict. And two more things: CNN’s comment policy applies and be responsive to our request for help; only submit comments that will help us fact check the ad.

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  1. demitrus

    im from delaware and i think that thefact that mrs. odonnell won the primary is a test to the resentment and animosity towards washington on a state wide level

    September 20, 2010 at 5:19 pm |