August 28th, 2010
11:36 AM ET

Letter to the President #586: “SO THE ELECTIONS WERE KIND OF…OH, WHO CARES?”

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

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Dear Mr. President,

Have you ever read something, say a paragraph in a book, over and over and over again and you still don’t know what it says? Sometimes I’m just so distracted it doesn’t matter how long I stare at the page, I just keep glazing over. And I have to say, that’s precisely how I feel about the voting this week.

As much as I try to concentrate on the results and consider what it might mean, I just can’t pull it off. It’s like there is not enough oxygen in the room. I see the numbers, I read the names, and then my eyes start drooping as if Rahm Emanuel has slipped me a Mickey. (Btw, I’m not really sure what a Mickey is…but I know it’s not good.)

While I don’t think any of these particular votes were of any great importance, I suspect the real reason I can’t get on the results train is that I am really tired. These Building Up America trips are exhausting. Fun, but hard.

I have a lot of stamina and can usually find a way to collect my thoughts and focus on what is essential, but it is more difficult when I am tired. That’s really why there are frequently typos in these letters. I write too many of them late at night when I’m already dragging. For example, I am working on this one at thirty minutes past midnight, and my work just stopped a little while ago.

Well, I suppose since I’m writing this, I should say my work is not yet done, but I enjoy these letters so I’ll say I punched out around midnight. Anyway, it was another fairly typical, 17 hour day on the Building Up America trail.

See? I’m drifting. If there is any consolation I suppose it is that I’m holding up pretty well for my age. I work with a lot of younger folks, and I rather enjoy the fact that I’m often still going strong at the end of a long day while they are drooping like feather boas in a sauna.

That’s it. I’m toast. It just hit me. Good night. Or good morning. Or good whatever it is when you read this. Call if you have the inclination, but if it’s before 7am I’ll not be inclined to answer.



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