August 23rd, 2010
08:20 PM ET

Evening Buzz: Imam’s critics say video shows his extremism

Cate Vojdik
AC360° Writer

Video clips posted today by a conservative blogger have set off a new round of bitter debate over the Islamic community center and mosque planned near Ground Zero. The clips are from a lecture that Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf gave in 2005. The imam’s critics say one of the clips exposes Rauf’s extremism. This, as Rauf, who served as an ambassador of Islamic faith in America for the Bush administration after the Sept. 11 attacks, is traveling in the Middle East on a State Department sponsored trip. Are the clips part of a smear campaign or do the imam’s critics have legitimate concerns? Tonight, we’ll give you the facts behind the accusations so you make up your own minds.

Congress has begun investigating the salmonella outbreak that’s sickened hundreds of people nationwide and led to one of the largest egg recalls in recent U.S. history. The outbreak has been linked to two egg producers in Iowa; together, they’ve recalled more than a half billion eggs. One of the producers has a long history of fines and settlements stemming from allegations of safety and other violations. The outbreak has exposed serious holes in the nation’s food safety net. Journalist and author Michael Pollan joins us tonight to dig deeper, and 360 M.D. Sanjay Gupta will tell you what you should know about salmonella and how to protect yourself from tainted food.

Also tonight, dramatic details out of Chile, where against the steepest of odds, 33 trapped miners have been located alive after a cave-in more than two weeks ago. They are safe for now, in a shelter deep underground, but it may be months before they can be rescued. We’ll show you why.

Plus, a 360 folo. A former prosecutor is under indictment tonight for what some call highway robbery. Dozens of drivers in southeast Texas demanded justice after being pulled over by police, then stripped of their cash, cars and jewelry. The prosecutor paid three of his secretaries, who he says watched his back, hundreds of thousands above and beyond their salaries. He insists he did nothing wrong. Gary Tuchman has been reporting on this story for months and tonight he brings us new developments.

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  1. Yoel

    I saw the interview with Ron Paul which he said do not blame Islam blame the Al Qaeda for 9/11, as you can not blame the Christianity for MacGvae for bombing the government building.

    Ron Paul you have not read the Koran, Al Qaeda did exactly as commending by Islam to kill all non believers and MacGvae did exactly the opposite that Christianity commend, to love and forgive.

    How can you Ron Paul even compare the two? You are so ignorant and uneducated like the rest of the politicians.

    August 24, 2010 at 2:37 am |
  2. Eunice

    I think it doesn't matter where the Islamic Centre is built. I think they should be able to build it at Ground zero. Come on let's be realistic and reasonable, all muslims shouldn't be judged because of one man's sin. My question is what will American's lose by having the Mosque located there? I understand why the people are scared but maybe it's hightime people start believing in God and if anything bad results from this, let God be the judge.

    August 24, 2010 at 2:22 am |