July 26th, 2010
09:38 AM ET

False 911 leads to arrest


A Boston man was arrested over the weekend for making a false phone call that had officers rushing to his home with their guns drawn.

According to police, John M. Sullivan, 42, of Dorchester, called 911 early Sunday morning to report of an attempted home invasion. Sullivan said an armed man was trying to gain entry into his apartment, investigators said.

Uniformed officers immediately responded to the address and drew their weapons as they approached the door, the police said.

Instead of being met with an armed robbery, they were greeted by the 911 caller, who said “there is no gun, I just wanted you guys here quicker,” police said.

“During conversation with the caller turned suspect, officers noted that he was intoxicated based on the smell of alcohol and his unsteady gait. The caller then went on to tell officers that he had called 911 on someone who lives in another apartment because “…he bangs on his door and thinks that he owns the building,” police said in a statement.

Sullivan then “went on to launch a number of racial epithets about his neighbor while pointing at his officers and yelling, causing neighbors to come out their apartment,” police said.

Neighbors appeared at the scene to tell the officers Sullivan “is always drunk and causes a disturbance by banging on his ceiling and doors,” police said.

Sullivan was arrested for disturbing the peace. As he was being led to the patrol car, he allegedly threatened the officers and shouted “I’ll call the cops every day and “you $%#@ need a real job!”

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