July 7th, 2010
01:06 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 7/6/10

Editor's Note: After Tuesday's show feedback was primarily about the oil leak. Viewers continued to thank the team for focusing on the disaster in the Gulf. Many are still just asking when the oil will be stopped. Some viewers feel that the government should be in charge and get it stopped.

When will the leaking well be turned off? When will they have the relief wells finished? The day BP puts the new wells into production is the day the leaking well will be fixed! Not because it will relieve pressure and stop leaking but because they will have active wells and will "never have to pump oil from the current well". Why not turn it off? Well if you LISTEN to the little people in the oil business, you can't turn it off and drill a new well in the area, but if it keeps on leaking you can still drill relief wells that can be used later. You believe what you want but I'll believe the people that no one in authority will let talk. This will never be fixed! It cannot be fixed! The Gulf Coast will never return to normal as our president has said. What we have now is what we will have 20 years from now just like ALASKA

Re: the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – the comments keeps being repeated – the military should be in charge. The fact is there is an enormous conflict of interest there. BP is the contracted largest supplier of fuel to the US in Iraq & Afghanistan. Do you really think they are about to jeopardize those contracts? The fact is the military will not want to handle this – and Obama's hands will be tied.

Let's address the 100 million gallon oil spill in the room. Is it not obvious by now that our government has not and will take on the oil industry. They dictate to the government, not the other way around.

Reporting on BP's mis-deeds is a no-brainer. Now, knowing how BP has lied to all of us, how about taking on the other petroleum companies. Have they given similar reassurances to us about how they will handle their oil spills, reassurances which are similar to BP's?

The BP oil spill should have not gotten this far. I saw somewhere that they poured oil in a little pan and then added hay. Waited a few minutes then pulled it out and the oil was gone. So why don't they use that already to soak up some of the oil they are not telling us about. It will help the spill and the farmers make some money.

I have been an avid fan of Anderson for a long while and I know the oil spill in the Gulf is a major disaster. However, I am getting fed up with the total focus of his show being on this subject. Night after night. As Sanjay Gupta said tonight, "There is no end in sight." Is there no end to how long Anderson will focus on this when there are certainly other issues in the world worthy of his concern?

If it wasn't for your daily reports on the Gulf oil spill, we would all be in the dark and hoodwinked by BP. Bravo. The true role of the press in a democracy.

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  1. eugene bowden

    i know you will never print what i have said but this is what 90% of americans really feel about our government , it is such a sad case....

    August 26, 2010 at 11:48 am |
  2. eugene bowden

    this is not about the oil leak but about who the u.s. government is giving all the money to...you really don;t have to be a rocket scientist to see that they are giving to the wrong the wrong people..why give it to the big guys like fanny may and all the others when they will only fill their pockets a little more and help no one. the people that should really be getting money is the people that will put it back into the markets and start getting the economy going again..give it to the regular person so he can spend it on things he needs and it will start getting the economy going.to hell with the big company's they should never got in that trouble in the first place..it just goes back to the greed of the americans that have gone to china to make more money leaving behind a sad america. it will never be any better until they bring all those jobs back home......

    August 26, 2010 at 11:46 am |

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