July 1st, 2010
08:37 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 7/1/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you wrote in wanting to know more about what the oil is doing to the Gulf's ecosystem. You also wanted to hear about the nation's unemployment situation, and what the Senate planned to do about it.

I grew up around oil rigs, and this disgusts me. I have been watching this since Day 1 and I feel so bad for the people and wild life of the Gulf.  I don’t think most people know what oil feels, smells and looks like.  BP has destroyed an entire ecosystem. it will take hundreds of years for the gulf to recover. My sympathies to the 11 families, I lost my father 10 years ago due to safety regulations not being met.

GO CNN and Anderson Cooper!   You're doing a great job on the Gulf story.  PLEASE, PLEASE stay on it.  It's the only way we can make the government and BP accountable.  Kudos.

A query: could BP be delaying in order to blame a lot of the oil damage to Hurricane Alex, making BP not liable for some further damage that will inevitably occur?

I love the show and Anderson Cooper.  What a friend Louisiana has in Anderson.  Thank you so much.  You are always there for us.

Just wanted to say that I have been watching the coverage of the oil spill with Anderson, He is very informative on any situation he is reporting on. Keep up the great work! Met him briefly Monday night in the New Orleans airport. As I was heading back to Colorado.  He was on the run. What an honor, I am a huge fan. Thank you!

Concerning the Gulf Oil Spill, I wondered why the United States Navy cannot send their submersibles down to valve it off.  We need to do something soon to save people, animals, fish of this great area of the USA.

I watch the show every day and appreciate you keeping them honest.  Concerning the BP spill, I heard someone say a few weeks ago that there is a crime scene 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.  My question is: Since when is the prime suspect in a crime left in charge of the crime scene?  Makes no sense to me.

I recognize that there are a lot of "hot" stories like the confirmation hearings, the oil spill, the G-20 and immigration.  However, I wish that more press coverage of the Senate's inability to pass extended unemployment benefits before they go on funded vacations was more prevalent.  At 9.7% unemployment, there are a great many people who are being affected - and let's keep the Senate honest!

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