June 23rd, 2010
01:52 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments

Editor's Note: After Tuesday's show feedback was primarily still about the oil leak. Viewers still asking about what would happen if a hurricane comes through the gulf. Many also gave their opinion of General Stanley McChrystal on whether he should resign and if he even can resign. Some feel that “McChrystal has to be fired” while others think, “to rise up to 3-star general this guy must be a heck of a soldier. All the reason to keep him on the job!” Finally, viewers thanked Anderson for continuing to report live from the gulf.

Can a General resign from his post? I did not think anyone in the military could resign. Wouldn't that be deserting his post? And a common soldier would be court marshaled or dishonorably discharged and not given that option.

Liked the report on General McChrystal. If we only have no General capable of stepping in, in Afghanistan, we are in big trouble anyway. McChrystal has to be fired.

Thank you, Anderson, and you father for loving New Orleans and Louisiana. How do we ever thank you for your coverage of Katrina and this ugly oil spill? You are helping us survive....THANK YOU

For someone devoid of political skills such as Stanley McChrystal to rise up to 3-star general this guy must be a heck of a soldier. All the reason to keep him on the job!

They should leave the good Gen. alone. At last someone who is speaking the truth.

Much has been said of the oil spill in the gulf and the effect a hurricane may have on spreading the oil but I have seen very little said of what effect the oil may have on a hurricane. Oil is dark in color. Dark colors absorb heat. Heat fuels hurricanes. How much more devastating an effect a hurricane will have if one does develop while the oil is still plastered all over the Gulf of Mexico? I'd like to see you pursue this with the experts.

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