June 22nd, 2010
09:51 AM ET

Police chief: Cartels threaten U.S. law enforcement in Arizona

Nick Valencia

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/CRIME/06/21/cartels.threats/t1larg.jpg caption="Informants say cartel threatens off-duty cops who interfere with smuggling operations" width=300 height=169]

In the first public incident of its kind, cartels are making direct death threats to U.S. law enforcement officials in Nogales, Arizona, the police chief there told CNN Monday.

Speculation about death threats by cartels towards U.S. law enforcement has been widespread for some time, but this is the first time U.S. officials along the border confirmed a case.

The threats began less than two weeks ago, after off-duty police officers from the Nogales police department seized several hundred pounds of marijuana from a drug smuggling operation they stumbled upon while horseback riding in the eastern fringes of Nogales, the chief said.

The smugglers in the incident managed to flee into Mexico before they could be detained, Nogales Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told CNN.

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June 22nd, 2010
09:33 AM ET

Letter to the President #519: 'Let the volunteers in!'

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/US/06/15/louisiana.brown.pelican/t1larg.pelicans.new.cnn.jpg caption="The coast is covered with fishermen, sportsmen, biologists, bird watchers, naturalists and pure nature lovers who appear desperate to help in this situation and who have been frustrated by the apparent lack of interest from BP and the government in their offers of assistance." width=300 height=169]

Reporter's Note: President Obama has said the federal government is calling the shots on the Gulf. If that is the case, it appears a lot of free and potentially excellent help is being turned away, as I note in my daily letter to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

After a very long, hot, and tiring day, I just enjoyed a late and fabulous crab dinner which I kicked off with a dozen Apalachicola oysters. And I didn’t even have to wait for a table. Ah the joys of being on the Gulf when everyone else is staying away!

I know it’s really not a joy because the missing crowds mean smaller paychecks for a lot of people who rely on the tourist trade.

And I know that plenty of people would still rather be almost anywhere else, but so far, after driving several hundred miles and talking to a lot of folks, I have seen no real sign of the oil, except the oil booms themselves in a few scattered spots. I’ve had a few locals tell me that they have seen some tar balls which were quickly cleaned up, and others are worried about oil that they have been told is hovering just a few miles off shore. Given the right currents, and the right winds, they fear their whole situation could rapidly become very messy. But for the moment, as I said, I think if no one told you there had been a catastrophic spill in the region, you just would not know it.


June 22nd, 2010
09:18 AM ET

Judge may rule on deepwater drilling moratorium Tuesday

CNN Wire Staff

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/US/06/22/gulf.oil.disaster/c1main.drill.jpg caption="A judge in New Orleans may rule Tuesday on whether to lift the federal government's moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico." width=300 height=169]

A judge in New Orleans may rule Tuesday on whether to lift the federal government's moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman has said he will give his decision between early Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon on whether to issue a preliminary injunction against the six-month ban, which halts all drilling in more than 500 feet of water and prevents new permits from being issued.

Brian Collins, an attorney for the Justice Department, insisted Monday that the suspension is necessary while officials conduct a safety review after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

But a group of companies that provide boats and equipment to the offshore drilling industry filed a lawsuit claiming the government has no evidence that existing operations pose a threat to the Gulf of Mexico. They want a court to declare the moratorium invalid and unenforceable.

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June 22nd, 2010
09:14 AM ET
June 22nd, 2010
01:39 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/21/10

Editor's Note: After Monday's show feedback was still all about the oil disaster. Viewers thanked Anderson Cooper and AC360 for staying in LA and getting the story from the locals there.

i watch every day and see the awful things i have not seen a bit of change it is the same ole' story i would like to the men or women in charge of this horrible catastrophe get down there and watch them see the real side of this and pick up a shovel and make an initiative to clean up this crap.... why do the people who live there have to make the first effort????? But see that’s what makes us human

I just wanted to send a short email, thanking CNN and especially Anderson Cooper, for all their hard work reporting the oil spill. As a Florida rose with the sun on my back and the sand between my toes, the ocean is our "world" down here. Although the East coast has not been affected by the oil yet, we feel the sense of urgency here already. Thank you Anderson for all your dedication and love you have given to this crisis. So much of our country's livelihood and awareness is based off the media, and I commend you for persistence and hard work reporting the facts.

Guess the whole Gulf oil spill situation is under control...I do remember the president & BP's chief executive saying that they "will not rest" until this situation is righted. Hayward spent the weekend at a yacht race & Obama played golf & went to a White Sox game. The whole Gulf Coast would like to say thank you to the 2 men "in charge", glad you enjoyed your weekend.

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