June 18th, 2010
01:14 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/17/10

Editor's Note: After Thursday's show feedback was still overwhelmingly about the oil disaster. Viewers are disgusted at what is happening to the gulf and some ask why it is that the drilling is so far down to begin with when it is apparent that if something goes wrong, they cannot fix it at that depth.

I am disgusted by what is happening in the Gulf. I watched CNN most of the day... First, why isn't MMS required to be at the hearings? It is part of the US government; can't someone make them show up? Also, couldn't Tony Hayward have brought someone with him that could answer at least a few of the questions?

Why does no-one mention that the REASON that this oil well was located over 5000 feet of ocean is that voters did NOT want to see the oil rigs closer to shore? Therefore we have rigs located far off-shore where leaks become so much more difficult to correct?

Anderson...I watched your show tonight to see Trace Adkins. I couldn't agree more with what Trace had to say. But I've got a question for you; you were saying that Hayward was anything but transparent today at the Congressional hearing. Why don't you question or comment on the lack of transparency the Obama administration has shown since they took office?

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