June 17th, 2010
01:20 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/16/10

Editor's Note: After Wednesday's show feedback was still overwhelmingly about the oil disaster. There were mixed feelings that Anderson made a big deal about Carl-Henric Svanberg, chairman of BP, saying that the people of New Orleans were “small” as English is not his first language and he did apologize for it.

Keep up the work and pressure. I feel the only people that have a real understanding of what is going on and how to fix the problem are the ones you are talking to in La. Our state and local governments can function. The federal government is dysfunctional.

Good job Anderson Cooper. Why should small people have to clean the whole mess? BP should send his own small people from England to do the job plus they have to pay people from the coast who lost so much money.

Regarding your comments on the BP Chairman's misuse of "small" people. Yes, he misspoke. English not being his native tongue, those things happen. No excuse, however, for you going on and on making a point that there is nothing "small" about the people in the Gulf. Please just knock that stuff off! Give the news, spare us the commentary!

I want to thank you for your comments about there being no small people in New Orleans.

Thank you, Anderson Cooper. Your service and dedication to the people of the Gulf Coast and to the American public is greatly appreciated. Please stay after BP and our government.. Even long after the public tire of hearing about oil and are sorry we ever even heard BP. We will need your voice, spotlight, and camera more than ever. This mess isn't going away and I hope your resilience doesn't either. Thank you again.

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