June 16th, 2010
01:23 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/15/10

Editor's Note: After Tuesday's show feedback was still overwhelmingly about the oil disaster. Many wrote in with their suggestions on how to stop the flow of oil into the gulf. Viewers feel the reporting from the Gulf is “fantastic” and thank Anderson for his “dedication” to the area. Some viewers feel that the discussion of the disaster has turned form BP to President Obama and they appreciate Anderson’s determination at trying to get representatives from BP on the air.

Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the gulf bp oil spill is fantastic and I would like to thank you for your reporting on this disaster. Your coverage alone has kept this on the forefront night after night and you have managed to keep the program fresh and interesting time and time again. Thank you for your service to the country and the people with your coverage of this issue. Please please keep it up and don't let this fade until something is done. I commend your service and have made CNN my primary channel thanks to your coverage of this event and service to the country.

Stop criticizing our Pres./govt re BP oil fiasco. We are in unchartered waters; this is an evolving environmental catastrophe and there are no easy answers. Americans need to realize the enormity of this situation and give the most knowledgeable people time to think and act. My suggestion to the govt is to call in the USFS firefighting command; they seem to be the Marines of the non-mil govt and should be able to kick this whole cleanup into gear so that results can be seen every day even when there may not be an immediate end in sight. The Gulf needs a miracle and we are mere mortals seeking solutions.


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