June 12th, 2010
01:05 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/11/10

Editor's Note: After Friday's show feedback was overwhelmingly about the oil disaster. Many wrote in with their suggestions on how to stop the flow of oil into the gulf. Thanks were heard for the very touching interviews with the survivors of the Deepwater Horizon.

If BP knew how many barrels per day were being pumped from this well, why are they now not admitting how many barrels per day are leaking from the well? It seems to me that the American public is being "sandbagged", and the administration is somewhat going along with BP. This is bs and is unacceptable.

Thank you for continuing to report on the BP oil spill. Spill just doesn't seem like the right word. It makes it sound trivial, like glass of milk being spilled. I especially admired your interview with the survivors. When the one man was fighting back tears, your reaction and treatment of him was perfect – kind, patient, understanding, and empathetic. It's heartbreaking to hear what they went through. The interviews with the families of those who died was also well done. It was generous of you to listen to them speak about their feelings and their loss. It means so much when someone listens to your pain when you're grieving..

You have NO IDEA how many people are talking about you all over the internet for the absolutely GREAT coverage only you do! You are the only one who is truly helping out spread the REAL TRUE word on the BP oil disaster. All over the internet your HARD word done on AC360 is the one who does it best. Please keep up all your hard work in this matter, as it is truly appreciated and we will continue to recommend YOUR work and coverage on keeping this criminals in the spotlight TILL THE END!

I am in NOLA right now. I came from Vancouver Canada because the oil spill broke my heart and I wanted to help, but BP has rejected many offers of volunteer services by the general public. I managed to find some volunteer work through hands on New Orleans, and I will be starting tomorrow, working in a warehouse packing supplies. I would really like to see more info on what people can do to get involved. I'm here, ready to work, ready to help, anyway I can, and I know I'm not alone. Thank You Anderson Cooper; you truly are a modern day hero for exposing the truth behind the tragedy.

I am watching your program on the Oil Rig disaster and wanted to thank you for individually recognizing each man who lost his life in the explosion. I think in the ongoing fight to stop this disaster people forget that men lost their lives. Your report brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for honoring these men.

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